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A prime number is one (which is) measured by a unit alone.



Primax 2020

International Math Competition



Acta Mundi and the Changing World announce the


international mathematics competition, subject to the following conditions.

1. The aim of the annual competition is to encourage the study of prime numbers and the research related to them. The competition takes place in different categories. Some of them are constant and others vary from year to year.

2. The purpose of constant categories is to find closed univariate formulas that give a maximum number of prime numbers if they take variable natural numeric values. Currently, we record POLn, XE, XD, and XDE categories (POLn is an n-degree polynomial, XE is a formula in which the variable occurs in the exponent, denominator, or both in the formula.

3. An applicant may apply in any, or all, categories, but with only one formula within a category.

4. The submitted formulas must be submitted in an Excel spreadsheet.

5. This year's special topic: hypotheses about prime numbers. Each hypothesis must be accompanied by an example and a comment in which the applicant indicates whether the hypothesis is known or new.

Applications must be sent by email by 1 December 2020 in English, French, Hungarian or Bulgarian to

More detailed information and help can be requested at the same place if required.

There is no application fee, the winners will receive a diploma.






(in French)


(in Hungarian)


(in Bulgarian)




Do you have questions, comments, suggestions about the current call or the development of the competition, for example, the categories planned for next year?

Can you help promote the competition, share it or give good advice?

Do not hesitate to send us a message at the address above. We will be obliged to you!

We will be happy to know you as our volunteer in any role.










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