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Todor Szimeonov (1947)




“Változó Világ” (literally "Changing World") is a series of books published by the Változó Világ Mozgalomért Foundation in Hungary. Begun in 1995 by Todor Szimeonov (1947), Bulgarian-born mathematician and publicist, the series now numbers 80 titles in Hungarian and 8 in several languages (French, English, German, Bulgarian, Slovak).




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The aim of the series is to provide both students, professionals and lay readers with a good introduction to a field of study written by a notable expert (in majority one of the most notables). The Constitutional Court is written by András Holló, chairman of the Hungarian Constitutional Court, The Islam by Miklós Maróth, vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, American politics in 20ht century by László Andor, member of the European Commission. 70% of the authors are academics or university professors. As such, they are an example of high popularization.

The range of subjects is encyclopedic, covering everything from history, law, politics, science and geography to sport and lifestyle. Not all subjects are academic — they may include current topics, such as the situation of minorities or the current electoral law. The presentation of information is varied and may consist of an introduction to a subject, a detailed essay on a school of thought, or an analysis of current events (Változó Világ published the world's first Rabin biography only 30 days after his murder: Rabin by Miklós Mérő and György Ónody).

An emphasized component of this series is the multilingual presentation of the minorities in Hungary. The publisher has already dealt with five of the most important minority communities in the country: the Roma (in Hungarian, Lovari version is under preparation), the Germans (in Hungarian and German), the Slovaks (issued in Hungarian, English and Slovakian), Romanians (in Hungarian, Romanian version is under preparation), the Slovenians (in Hungarian, Slovenian version is under preparation).

The series is unusual in several ways:

- When a title has become out of date, it is updated. Sometimes this updating involves a complete re-writing of the book, but keeping the same number within the series.

- Since 2007 the publisher uses digital printing technology (“print on demand”) to print sold out titles, so in all time all titles in the catalog are available for ordering via internet in hard copy.

- Each book has 128 pages.

- The price for each volume is the same and is kept to a minimum (1800 HUF [approx. 7 USD]).

Up to 2013, more than one million copies had been sold. Some titles have sold more than 250,000 copies (namely The fetus mind by Jenő Raffai).



 Titles of the Hungarian series


1. LIVE RELIGIONS, By Tibor Rencsényi

2. THE FOOTBALL, By László N. Göbölyös

3. STALIN, By Tamás Krausz

4. RABIN, By Miklós Mérő and György Ónody

5. THE SMALLHOLDERS PARTY, By Sándor Győriványi

6. THE CONSTITUTION, By István Szikinger


14. THE FETUS MIND, By Jenő Raffai





47. THE CIVILIZATION, By Todor Szimeonov ( English version)


65. THE ISLAM, By Miklós Maróth


76. THE FACEBOOK, By Péter Beleznay

77. OTTO I, By Tamás Nagy






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